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It is the first IGT, i.e. of typical geographical indication, by the Fattoria di Pietrafitta. An innovative red wine in which the strength of the Sangiovese, a traditional Tuscan grape variety, is “elevated” in barriques and blended with the noteworthy body of the innovative, more recently introduced, grape variety of the Merlot. Smooth and elegant, it is a fascinating wine.

The label portrays a refined horsewoman capable of dominating a powerful steed. As a matter of fact, the grapes used to make the Campidonne come from a hidden area of ​​the Pietrafitta estate, characterized by a very hot microclimate. Legend has it that when women worked in this vineyard they would partially undressed in order to better withstand the summer heat, to the extent that prior to going there, the foreman had to give advance warning. Hence the name Campidonne i.e. the women’s fields.

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