Today the estate carries on the historic winemaking tradition with an extensive cultivation carried out in full respect of the territory, where it has resided for centuries and of all its natural resources.

The grape harvest is still done manually: this allows you to carefully select the product and optimize its quality, avoiding mixing with foreign material and bunches that do not have the right level of ripeness. The transport carried out in small containers allows the product to be kept intact until it arrives in the cellar, avoiding the premature activation of the fermentation process. The entire winemaking process still takes place today in the sixteenth-century cellar built into the side of the tuff hill, where the austere villa, once a royal residence, stands.
In an area where red dominates in the best wineries, Pietrafitta stands out by making white its iconic wine. Vernaccia di Pietrafitta is the symbol of the estate, the first DOC wine in Italian winemaking history. Dry and enjoyable wine, mentioned in numerous literary works of the past, Vernaccia has always been the protagonist of the socio-cultural tradition of the area, meeting the favor of all palates.

The variety of the Pietrafitta vineyards also allows the production of excellent quality red wines, which proudly complement the white range. Wines with a balanced and decisive taste, with aromatic notes of great depth. Wines to drink calmly to fully savor the structure.
A small part of the grape production is dedicated to the precious Vinsanto. Warm and enveloping nectar, it emanates intense scents that intertwine in a seductive complexity with a long persistence. The selection includes the best bunches of Trebbiano and Malvasia, dried for 4 months in prenzoli in the ancient Vinsantaia facing south.

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